Song Hye-Kyo’s Pregnant? Is this an another surprise?

Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo also known as Song Song Couple they build their relationship from the Kdrama Descendants of the Sun from main leads to Real life Couple, suddenly surprised their fans on their upcoming Wedding Day on the end of the October 2017, fans has no idea that they were dating ‘coz they’re denying that they were dating before.

Fans has mixed Emotions on this news, Some are happy and some are broken hearted when they know that their bias will be getting married.

But One thing is more suspicious , after how many months of dating, Song Song Couple decided to get married, So Fans suspects that maybe Song Hye Kyo is pregnant that’s why the wedding is so soon.

And from the recent photos of the couple that they were spotted in Paris , France, it shocks the netizens and didn’t avoid to talk about it.



As you can see, Song Hye Kyo’s Tummy is quite big that isn’t normal for an actress for having a big stomach unless they were pregnant or just wearing a big shirt that it may look bigger.

Fans still didn’t getting over on their upcoming wedding , yet they more surprised to know this news.


However, there has been no update or prove regarding to the actress’ pregnancy.

How about you? Do you think this is real or no? Do you think Song Song Couple will surprise you one more time?



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