Filipinos are known as one of the best in speaking English as their 2nd Language in Asia, Tho’ it says on the chart below (source: that Singapore and Malaysia are more learned to speak English ,however we  can’t deny that Filipinos from all over the world are one of the best to communicate thru universal language.



Now , I will reveal the reasons why Filipinos are good in Speaking English.

  • Centuries of fluency from another foreign language

Even some other Filipino words are borrowed from Spain;  We all know that Philippines has been Colonized of Spain for more than 3 centuries. So Philippines has no advantage to be their-selves and preserve the PH treasures/mother tongue.

  • Education System.

Since Kindergarten , English is already part of the subjects. Except Filipino course, most of the subjects is written or discussed in English, they adapt onto it, tho’ there are some Filipinos can’t speak well with Proper Grammar or speaking in ”ENGLISH CARABAO” , (which is they can express what they want to say on basic words that you can totally understand but some are grammatically wrong) at least they are doing their best to communicate to other Foreign People, which is a big advantage to stand-out.

  • Filipino modern Alphabet 

A long time ago, the native Filipinos are using  what we call the “Baybayin” alphabet, it has been replaced by the “Latin” alphabet which is easier to read,

and suddenly changed after Spaniards and US Colonized Philippines.

  • Government official Language.

If you used to watched PH news , You can see that some of the official members of the PH GOVERNMENT speaks TAGLISH (mixed tagalog -english) to discussed their matters. Also from title of the land and other documents in PH were written in English, the reason why Filipinos are  influenced and required to speak and learn English.

  • Almost same Alphabet

Unlike other countries PH has advantage to easily understands English by reading or hearing them , cause of the almost same Alphabet.

ENGLISH alphabet has A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z , Filipino Modern Alphabet were also has the same but with ñ (enye) & Ng (Nang)  between N & O.    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N Ñ NG O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Filipino words were read as how the Alphabets are combined , just like in English. So for Filipinos It is so easy to go in other country to communicate using English Language.

  • Social Media Influence

Even in Social Media , They are using ENGLISH LANGUAGE BASED , and this is one of the advantage to learn ENGLISH , having an exposure in English words has a huge impact to the users of social Media.

  • Easily to adapt

Filipinos are known to have an easily to adapt personality , Which is they can adjust easily to unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people. Once they saw a foreigner they’re automatically speak in English , Even those people who didn’t got the chance to study, despite of chaos they’re still good at expressing their feeling by saying the basic words in English.

  • Watching International Movies/Series

Filipinos are really fan of those International Films and Series ,  Asian and in non-Asian Films. In some Asian Series, instead of having Tagalog Sub , they Prefer to watch the Drama with English Sub., and if it is an English film , They can easily understand it even without sub., that’s how they adapt to English language.

  • Pass by generation

Nowadays the parents of a child who’ll start to speak ; they’re teaching their kids to speak in English as their 1st language, most of them are rich families and  families who live in Other Countries.

Filipinos are not admitting they’re the best like they have no wrong in speaking English , Filipinos just want to impose that they’re great in communicating using Universal language of course with confidence.


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