I borrowed my sister’s clothes and my Mom said this.

I borrowed my sister’s clothes and my mom said this.

I’m still borrowing my sister’s shirts and my mom got angry of me for borrowing clothes from my sister.

I am 21 , I do have work and getting paid with a quite fine amount.

But I’m still borrowing my sister’s shirts and my mom got angry of me for borrowing clothes from my sister.

Why? At first it is not for showing off and second I’m not “kuripot” .  I found that clothes comfortable on my work so instead of  buying a new one I’d rather to borrow.

It is because , I’m giving my whole salary to my mom. ‘Coz i made a promise that I’ll help her. I’ll give back all the costs that she spent to me. Also as long as there’s food to eat, I’m fine with that and I’m not disappointed to that.

So for me I do not mind of buying new clothes unlike my older sister, she likes buying clothes and stuff for herself .

Even I feel envy of her sometimes , I just thinking that It’s fine as long as I can help my mom to our daily expenses.

My mom always saying that we don’t have budget but sometimes seeing her buying stuff even it’s not necessary makes me feel anxious but then she said that’s the only way to comfort her stress from work, so finally I understand that.

I’m also a quite spender when I was in College , I love going anywhere and spend money of my mom. When I still don’t know how hard the life is.

So now, to avoid spending money. I avoid to went outside , I stayed at home and watched TV SERIES and MOVIES. I’m doing my best to save money.

But 1 time , I was planning to borrow clothes again from my sister when my mom gets angry at me and says stop doing that, because that’s what my sister bought from my sister’s money. She says that I don’t want to buy clothes and I’m getting angry if she bought me one and now I’m borrowing my sister’s clothes.

I’m just dumbfounded after she says that. I thought she understands what I want to impose when I’m getting angry every time she buys me clothes. (Cause for me seeing the price of that clothes we can buy lots of things that we needed , also I’m not that angry, I’m also happy for having new clothes, yet I don’t want to show to her that , ‘coz  maybe she’ll buy me more in the future. ) I really want her to save money to stop complaining that we don’t have enough budget for our daily expenses. It’s so hard for me hearing all her complains that I can’t do anything to solve her problems, so I decided not to spend too much or buy any stuff just to save money.

Now I don’t know how to handle this situation,  I really love my mom so much, yet sometimes I feel that she love my other siblings more than me even my other siblings were ignoring her . I know her point is she’s focusing on my siblings who’s weaker than me. But even she felt that I’m strong I’m still longing when she’s taking care of me and treat me as a baby.

After that Conversation , I treat her so cold. I did not talk to her that much unlike before. And this morning she cooked me the food that I’m craving for so long , that she doesn’t want to cook. I’m little moved on what she did , but still when I remember what she said to me , I’m getting still anxious on that.

If you’re in my situation? How will you feel and what you’ll do?




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