Jung Joonyoung Instagram post to his Kim JooHyuk-Hyung 

Kim Joo Hyuk a Korean Actor who Joined a Korea-Variety Show 2days 1 Night season 3 last 2013 

2days 1 night Season 3 is composed of 6 members. Defconn , Kim Joo Hyuk , Cha Tae Hyun , Jung Joonyoung, Kim Junho and Kim Jongmin. 

At first the most uncomfortable member among all the new members were Kim Joo Hyuk and Jung Joonyoung since KJH is theOldest  and JJY is the youngest. 

Months past by, The awkardness has vanished, and really treat each other like a family. 

After two years , Kim Joo Hyuk leaves the Show for the reason “it’s not my profession” The plan is he’s going to stay just for one year , but since he loves so much the members he stayed and continued until 2years. 

Unfortunately a shocking news surprised the fans of Kim Joo Hyuk last October 30 2018, KJH died in Car Accident 💔

Many Celebrities including the members and staff of 2days 1 night went to KJH’s wake except for JUNG JOON YOUNG for the reason that he’s not aware of his Hyung’s death-  he’s Shooting Law of Jungle which is Phone is not allowed to use and Also the place that he has been has no Reception.

When Jung Joonyoung finally known what happened to his Hyung, he planned to go as soon as possible but there’s no Flight on that time. 

On episode 200 of 2days 1 night season 3, all the members left a message to KJH , 

JJY left a message to his hyung with teary eyes  “When I’m on Hiatus and came back to Korea despite of your schedule you went to see me , sorry for not coming when you need me” 

And to be follow his message to his Hyung on Instagram with the photo of them , (when Jung Joonyoung Chose KIMJOOHYUK to be his partner on Cooking Contest Vs KIM JUNHO and CHA TAE HYUN , DEFCONN and KIM JONGMIN. ) Via – Instagram translation. @sun4finger

“My brother , I came to greet you early yesterday morning. Fall in love with your love. I still don’t believe it, but there’s always laugh, and I think i’m going to do a lot pf thinking. Thankyou. i love you so much. I want to talk to you but i want to talk to you. “


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